Using the KBB to Estimate Your Car Value

The KBB or the Kelley Blue Book is a book of car values. The book was first published in 1920 as a list by the owner of the Kelley Kar Company, Les Kelley. The list included the amount that Les Kelley would be prepared to pay for a used car. He expanded the list into a booklet in 1926, which he named the Blue Book. The book continued to be used until banks and other financial institutions began using it as a reference and in 1993 it was expanded further into a consumer edition. The Kelley Blue Book, which since 2002 has been available online, now contains thousands of used cars up to fifteen years old. People throughout the country usק the KBB to estimate their car value.

Why Use the KBB?

There are many reasons why you might want to use the KBB to estimate the value of your car. You might be planning to sell your car and want to know how much you can ask for it or you might be looking to apply for car title loans in Sacramento and want to know what size loan you can expect to be offered. Car title loans or auto title loans offer a loan size based mainly on the value of your car as the car becomes the collateral when you get the loan. For this reason, before you begin applying for car title loans you should have some idea of the amount of loan you will be eligible for to make sure the loan will be suitable for you.

How to Use the KBB

The KKB is simple and easy to use as you can use the online form on this page. Simply look for the make, model and year and you will find an estimate of your car’s value. When you apply for auto title loans, they will take into account the mileage on your car and its condition and the KKB can give you an idea of this as well. This will then give you an idea how much of a loan you can expect to be offered when you apply for auto title loans.