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About car title loans in sacramento

Fast Loans for All Applicants with No Hassle


car title loans in sacramento offer a convenient and hassle-free loan solution for applicants in the Sacramento area. The loans offer many advantages due to their flexibility and simplicity, offering fast cash with online applications available to everyone. To be eligible to apply for a car title loan, you must have a car with a valid title and insurance and be resident in the Sacramento area.

How it Works

car title loans in sacramento offer secured loans with your car acting as the collateral. As the lender, we will become the lienholder when you take the loan, although you can keep driving your car for the whole loan period. When you have repaid the loan, the lien will move back to you. Because your car is the security on the loan, the loan amount is worked out based on the current cost of the car. The amount can range between $2,600 and $20,000. We will work out the exact details of the loan amount and will worry about the condition of the car and how much equity you have in it. The loans can be applied for online with instant approval available and the cash in your hands!

Who Can Apply

car title loans are available for everyone in the Sacramento area. No matter your credit score, employment status or source of income, you may be eligible for a loan. There is no credit check during the application process so our loans are available for people with good credit, bad credit or no credit score. We will not look into your employment status and you can apply if you are employed, self-employed or unemployed. The source of your income is not taken into account and you can even have income from disability income, social security income, unemployment income or retirement income and be eligible for a loan.

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