Important Notice! This website has been purchased by Simple Cash Loans, Inc. d/b/a Montana Capital. The original contact information is no longer correct. However you can still apply for a loan through this website while we are working to correct its information. Montana Capital provides car title loans to California residents under California Finance Lenders License # 603F508. If you are interested in a car title loan, please call us at (916) 297-6095 or visit us at one of our locations, addresses available at

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The Simple Steps of for a car title loan in sacramento

Immediate Cash in Hand

Being turned down by the bank is a big blow to your financial confidence, and may leave you feeling despair as to where to turn to for financial assistance. The financial stress is enough to deal with without having to worry about whether or not your loan will be approved or how long it will take until you receive the cash in hand to pay the bills. car title loans in sacramento offer hassle-free same day car title loans to all applicants. We aim to get you the instant cash that you need while providing a professional and confidential service.Our staff are very professional and have what it takes to assist you in getting the right type of assistance for what you need.

Our branchs:

Branch #1:
Address: 1805 Tribute Road, Suite F. Sacramento CA 95815
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 9AM-7PM, Sat: 10AM-4PM; Sun: Closed.
Branch License Number: Pending

Branch #2:

Address: 7212 Florin Mall Dr. Sacramento, CA 95823
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 9AM-7PM, Sat: 10AM-4PM; Sun: Closed.
Branch License Number: Pending

Fast Application Process, with Same day Cash

The first step to fast cash in getting in touch with us. When you are looking for financial answers, there’s no need to wait until the sun comes up. All applicants are welcome and they may apply in 2 simple ways. Applicants may complete a simple online application form and with few details required and once this is submitted the pending approval is on its way. All you need to supply is your car’s make, model, year, style and mileage which we use to calculate your loan offer. Alternatively you may call us on (916) 297-6095 to speak with one of our financial consultants who will guide you through the entire process. You will then need to bring your paperwork into our offices. Make sure all the documents are valid to prevent any delays. We will need proof of identity, proof of residence, car title, car insurance and proof of income. You can get your loan within the hour.

Get your Cash and Keep on Driving

We approve short term loans from the value of $2,600-$20,000 and we offer a manageable low interest repayment rate. The loans are secured loans using your car as the collateral and the sum that is approved for your loan is based on the value of your car. This is determined through your car title document which displays the car make and model through which the car’s market value is obtained.  We hold onto you car title document through the complete loan process until the final repayment is made, but you get to keep your wheels and keep on driving just like always! The loans are available in cash, making them suitable for any financial needs as they can be used for any purpose.

Hassle – Free No Credit Check Short term Loans

with a car title loan in sacramento, our loans are secured through the collateral of your car which eliminates the need for us to assess your risk. Because of this there is no credit or employment check and all applicants are welcome! We will not base approval for the loan on whether you have good credit or bad credit or if you have regular employment, are self-employed or are unemployed. You don’t even need a job for the income. While you do need income as proof of your ability to repay the loan, you can have income from any source, even social security payments, disability payments, unemployment benefits or retirement income. The most important things we need for a loan is a car with a valid title. The car must also have valid insurance and you must be resident in the area. We will take the car’s condition into account and we will look at how much equity you have in the car, but even if you have not fully paid off the car, you may still be eligible for a loan with us.

Safe and Reliable Lenders

We offer a 100% legal loan service so all applicants can feel secure knowing that our loans are reliable and safe. Our professional consultants offers a confidential service and are trained to help you through every step of the application process. We can offer low rates and can match any rates from our competitors for an attractive loan solution for everyone. It is no wonder that car title loans have become a popular loan option for anyone who needs a cash boost.

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